How do I register for a tournament?
Registration for the tournament is to be completed fully online. Go to the tournament link and click the REGISTER button. Once you are in the tool, you will be asked to register as an individual or team. If you are registering as a “team”, it is recommended to have the Team Captain as prime for registration. Captains will receive an email confirmation containing a link to complete the ticketing registration for all remaining team members.

Following registration, your Team Captain will be contacted regarding the tournament registration fee ($1200).

If I sign up as an individual how do I get assigned to a team?
Once you register as an individual, you are assigned a team and contacted by the planning committee.

How many games are guaranteed?
There is a three game guarantee.

Do I need to register when I arrive at the arena?
Yes, registration will be open as of 6:00 am ET on Friday, April 5.

When will the schedule be posted?
The schedule will be available at least 15 days before the tournament. An email will be sent out to each Team Captain when it is released as well with a tournament program and set of rules. The schedule will also be available online. It is crucial that the schedule is checked regularly just in case of last-minute changes that need to be applied.

What arena is the tournament hosted at?
Canlan Rinks York
989 Murray Ross Pkwy
North York, Ontario
M3J 3M4

What are the tournament rules?
Tournament rules are available on tournament site.

What is the cost of the tournament?
The tournament fee is $1200 per team plus travel & accommodations.

Who can participate?
Anyone who is a BCE active employee or retiree can participate. Exceptions: External vendor partners that have participated in previous years are eligible to play.

The tournament divisions are:
Open (players of any age)
Women’s Open

Will there be a photographer at the tournament?
Yes, we have a Professional Photographer at the tournament. Photographer will be taking team pics, action shots, and championship photos of every team that will be available online after the tournament.

How do I pay the tournament fee?
Tournament fee paid by cheque only; please make it out to Bell Canada for $1200 and where to send the cheque will be communicated to Team Captains once they have registered your team.

NOTE: your team will forfeit participation in the tournament if payment not received by Friday, March 8, 2024.

Captains’ Checklist

  • Register your team online and arrange to pay your registration fee by cheque. Please note your team will forfeit their participation in tournament if payment not received by Friday, March 8, 2024.

  • Watch for regular Team Captain updates and pass along all the exciting news as it becomes available.

  • Get your players to register ONLINE to be part of your team. You need to email players a “ticket” to have them register their personal profile. Alternatively, Captain can complete each players “ticket” if required.

  • Walk each team member through the ticket registration process.

  • Check in with your teammates to ensure ticket registration has been completed for each player on your team.

  • After registering your team for tournament play, you will receive a confirmation email containing important information you will require to register the remaining players on your team. DO NOT LOSE THIS EMAIL.