The current Hockey Canada Playing Rules will govern all games, with the exception of a number of rules specified below. Refer to the current ASHL Rule Book online for expanded rules.

In the Bell Hockey Classic, unless a Major or Match Penalty is assessed, the following infractions are assessed as Double Minor penalties (i.e. four minutes):

Boarding • Body Checking • Butt-Ending • Charging • Cross-Checking • Elbowing • High Sticking • Kneeing • Slashing • Spearing

In the event the non-offending Team scores with the man-advantage during the first two minutes of a double minor penalty, the penalty time on the game clock will be reduced to two minutes (2:00).

Tournament directors assume no responsibility for any claims arising through operation of the tournament. No allowances will be made for ignorance of the rules.

All accidents and injuries must be reported to the Tournament staff; Medical staff will be on-site.

All players must wear a CSA approved protective helmet, minimum half face shield / visor in all divisions. In addition, goalies must wear CSA approved helmet and mask.


  • Each team is permitted to carry a maximum of 15 players on their roster. All players must register online and sign waiver provided by Bell. This step will also include disclosure of every individual’s highest level of organized hockey played.
  • All participants must provide their Bell issued employee IDs (proof of current employment is required).
    • Bell retirees and approved exceptions must have a Bell Team Representative (proof of current employment is required) present during tournament registration.
  • Only players who play in at least one of the preliminary games will be allowed to compete in the playoff games.
    • Players must sign-in at registration desk before their first game.
  • The use of an ineligible player will result in a default loss to the offending team.

The active roster (for each game, including starting goalie) must be confirmed by the team rep via the Canlan Stats App.

All Players must wear matching jerseys, which must be uniquely numbered. In the event of a colour conflict (the Visiting Team Rep and/or Referees will determine if there is a conflict), the Visiting Team will wear their alternate jerseys or the tournament jerseys (cover-up pinnies), provided they are available and requested.

All games will be three stop-time periods of 12-12-10 minutes. The first period game clock will be set to 14 minutes to begin the warm-up. Once the re- surfacer leaves the ice and the doors are closed, the game clock shall run continuously throughout the warm-up and will not stop until the first official stoppage of play. When the game clock nears 13 minutes, a Referee or the Timekeeper will warn the players the game is about to start. The clock shall run if a 5-goal spread exists at the 5:00 minute mark of the third period. The clock shall stop once the margin is 4 goals or less. In the event there is a 5-goal spread in the 3rd period and the game is starting to get out of hand, the game will be terminated at the discretion of the Referees.

Teams will be permitted one 30-second time-out per game.

Icing will be enforced within the defensive end only. The defensive blue line is the “line to gain” marker for icing, not the centre ice red line. Of note: The red line is not in use for 2-line pass enforcement either.

Delayed offside will be permitted at referee discretion.

In the preliminary round: Wins are worth 2 points; ties are worth 1 point & a loss is worth 0 points.

If 2 Teams are tied in the standings the following tie-break steps will be taken in this order:

  1. Most Wins.
  2. Head-to-Head Record.
  3. Goals for divided by (total Goals For plus Goals Against); the higher percentage will advance.
  4. Least goals against.
  5. Least penalty minutes.

If 3 Teams or more are tied in the standings the following tie-break steps will be taken in this order:

  1. Goals for divided by (total Goals For plus Goals Against); the higher percentage will advance.
  2. Least goals against.
  3. Least penalty minutes.

N.B. The maximum goal differential that will be recorded in a game is 5.

If a playoff game is tied after regulation time has expired, a 5-minute, run-time, 3-on-3 sudden death period will be played to determine a winner. The “A championship” a 10-minute, run-time, 3-on-3 sudden death. All penalties incurred during the third period of regulation time will be in effect. All power-play situations will be played 4-on-3. Once the penalty expires, teams will play 4-on-4 until the next stoppage in play. Note that if a player incurs a penalty that has not expired during the overtime, they will be INELIGIBLE to participate in the shootout. If the score is still tied after overtime period, a 3-player simultaneous shootout will follow. If the score is still tied after the 3-player shootout, a sudden death shootout will decide the winner.

All games will be officiated with a 2-referees system; exception for the top championship game of each division which will use a 3-referee system.

"Changing on the fly” and during stoppages of play are permitted. The exception is overtime: Line changes are only permitted on the fly.

Slap shots are not permitted in the 50+ division and the Women’s league. All other divisions, the players stick cannot come above the players’ knee.

Any team that defaults a game, for any reason, will record a 5-0 loss for the purposes of record keeping. If both teams default a game, a 0-0 tie will be recorded, but NO POINTS will be given.

Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase; individuals cannot bring their own onto the complex property.


All Fighting Majors will result in expulsion for the remainder of the tournament. If a player or players drop their gloves but do not engage in an altercation, an automatic game misconduct will be assessed and is subject to further review and may result in suspension.

A major penalty plus a game misconduct penalty shall be assessed to any player who is involved with another player off the playing surface. This penalty carries a tournament expulsion, NO exceptions!

If a player receives a game ejection, they will have 30 seconds to leave the playing surface. If the ejected player remains on the ice or delays the game from the off-ice area, their team will be given a 2-minute Delay of Game penalty.

If a team feels that they would like to appeal for any reason, they may, for a $200 fee. The fee is paid prior to any hearing being convened and must be submitted in writing to the Tournament Staff within 1 hour of the game’s conclusion. The Tournament Staff will convene a hearing with the Team Representative, a neutral party, and one of the Referees involved in the game. Attendance by the opposing Team Representative is optional. If the ruling is reversed, the $200 fee will be refunded. If the ruling is upheld, the $200 fee will be donated to the registered charity of Bell.